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White Marsh PlumberAmong the top, most important systems in your home, aside from heating, plumbing definitely takes a spot on that list. Your plumbing system provides you with running water for drinking and cleaning as well as a way to remove waste water. This may be the single distinguishing factor that separates modern society. You experience your plumbing system through an intricate web of piping that lies hidden in your walls as well as a series of fixtures. Whenever you experience clogs, leaks or other faults with your plumbing system, you risk water damage, making it a priority to be addressed. For all plumbing repair needs, A W Smith & Son is there for you in White Marsh, MD.

As certified White Marsh Plumber by trade, A W Smith & Son has years of experience helping White Marsh homeowners maintain uninterrupted water service. We offer piping repair and replacement, fixture installation, drain cleaning and any other plumbing related service you may need. Our Plumber also works on radiant boiler systems that utilize water pipes as well as water heaters.


Plumbing Fixtures

White Marsh Plumbing Fixtures are your interface with your plumbing system. Through your plumbing fixtures is how you access your fresh water supply and remove waste water. These necessary components offer both an essential function but also aesthetic conveniences. A new sink or faucet can do a lot to enhance the design of your kitchen. Functions such as hands-free operation can also lend convenience and luxury. From a new massaging showerhead to a sleek looking toilet, A W Smith & Son has a wide variety of beautiful and functionally superior fixtures to choose from. We only work with the finest manufacturers, so our choices are of superior stock. Upgrade your kitchen with a country-style basin sink, or enjoy the beauty of chrome knobs and bath faucets. These aesthetic and functional enhancements are an affordable home improvement option that will impact your design and comfort.


Basement Flooding Services

One of the worst things to come home to is a flooded (or flooding) basement. Whether your water heater tank is punctured, your sump pump is broken or whatever the reason, A W Smith & Son can handle the situation. Our White Marsh Water Removal Team will quickly come to your location, stop the water supply, remove the water, dry the area and fix the fault. We aim to get your basement dry quickly to prevent property damage and then prevent future flooding by addressing the source of the problem. We offer sump pump repair and replacement, water heater repair and replacement and pipe repair. So whatever the cause, we’ll be able to fix it and protect you from future flooding issues.

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