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    Baltimore Garbage DisposalsA Baltimore garbage disposal is a fantastic tool that, once you own one, you can hardly do without. Garbage disposals offer you the ability to get rid of organic waste safely and efficiently, reducing garbage in your home as well as unwanted smells and insects. Organic matter, when simply thrown away, causes more problems than it is worth, but a garbage disposal will safely give you a convenient way to rid yourself of it while you are washing dishes or cleaning up after cooking.

    A W Smith & Son offers Baltimore homeowners garbage disposal repair and replacement. We are plumbing experts with years of experience installing piping and fixtures, so garbage disposals are something we’ve worked with extensively. Our Baltimore Plumber is well trained and possess the skills and specialized tools necessary to effectively fix or install your garbage disposal quickly. We always extend prompt and courteous service and that is why we are the preferred choice in Baltimore for garbage disposals.


    Benefits of a Garbage Disposal

    One of the biggest and most notable benefits to using a garbage disposal is that you are no longer sending your food waste to the landfill. By grinding your organic waste and sending it to water treatment it is more efficiently disposed of, and many water treatment plants today can even recycle food waste into energy or fertilizers. The environmental impact of food disposal is something of merit.

    The immediate benefit is the increase in sanitary home conditions a garbage disposal provides. Less garbage means less bags, trips to the garbage can, smells and attraction of pests and other animals. If you have a problem, for example, with raccoons, a disposal may be just the thing you need to battle the issue effectively.

    If you enjoy the benefits of a garbage disposal now and suffer malfunction, call the disposal experts at A W Smith & Son for quick repairs. If you don’t currently have a garbage disposal but would like to explore how one might benefit your household, we would be glad to provide you with a free estimate.


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