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Baltimore Water HeatersHot water is an essential component for comfort as well as sanitation. Hot water enables us to take warm showers, clean our dishes and our clothing. Without hot water, our daily activities are disrupted and problems can occur. That is what makes the water heater such a vital appliance in any Baltimore building.

For the highest quality water heater installation and repair, A W Smith & Son can accommodate your needs. As a certified Baltimore Plumber by trade, we have years of experience working with all types of water heaters. We can install, replace or repair any brand or size water heater you may have. Our technicians are well trained and possess the skills and tools necessary to ensure you have the hot water your home needs. That is why we are the top choice for Baltimore Water Heaters.


Water Heater Repair

If your water is not running hot, your hot water pressure reduces drastically, water is coming out orange colored or your water heater is making strange noises, you need to have it looked at. These could be the result of a number of component failures; heating element malfunction, thermostat malfunction or even sediment build up. Whatever the issue is, the professionals at A W Smith & Son can solve your problem. We have extensive experience working with water heaters and know exactly how to identify the problem and then repair or replace the failing parts. We’ll have you back to the warmth and comfort of hot water in no time.


Water Heater Installation/Replacement

All appliances have a lifespan and your water heater is no exception. When the time comes for a new water heater, A W Smith & Son are the dealers to call. We only work with the finest manufacturers, so our selection of energy efficient water heaters is vast and of superior quality. We have every size water heater you may need, from the small 40 gallon storage tanks to large 120 gallon tanks. We offer both gas and electric powered units, low-boys and other space savers as well. Newer water heaters are much more energy efficient too, so we’ll also be able to save you money on your energy bills.


Tankless Water Heaters

For the most efficient water heaters on the market, tankless units are the way to go. Tankless water heaters are growing rapidly in popularity in Baltimore because of their high efficiency and space saving structure. Wall mounted tankless units, for example, take up no space because they do not require a storage tank that stores water. They simply use a heating element and heat water as it is being used. This means less wasted energy as you won’t have unused heated water in a tank. We also offer point of use tankless units for even greater energy control. These units attach to specific fixtures, providing a dedicated hot water source. Tankless water heaters are sure to save you money on your hot water expenditures for sure.

No matter what your water heater needs, A W Smith & Son has you covered.


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