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How to Detect Plumbing Problems

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How to Detect Plumbing ProblemsAs a homeowner, you will inevitably experience malfunctions and faults in various systems that provide essential functions for your house. This is especially true of the plumbing system in your home. When your plumbing system is not functioning correctly it is going to give off several different warning signs.

Some plumbing issues in your home can be repaired by your Baltimore Plumber easily, but sometimes even the smallest clog can cause some major issues. The last thing you want to do is ignore the plumbing problems in your home. Especially when they can result in major issues down the road. Call for our Baltimore Plumbing Repairs and have these small issues taken care of today!


How to tell if you are having Plumbing Problems

  • Hearing – When it comes to plumbing problems, you can use your ears to listen for signs of gurgling noises from your toilet or drains. These noises could be a sign of build up starting to cause a clog in your piping, or worse, in your sewer line. Catching the clog early could save you money, water damage and other plumbing issues.
  • Smelling – If you are in your bathroom, or near your kitchen sink, and you smell a foul smell, this is could be a sign of a problem with your sewage system. The smell of rotting sewage in your home can be the result of a main line clog, which can cause serious problems to your entire plumbing system.
  • Seeing – The last sense you can use to test your plumbing is your sight. This is one of the most important senses to use since you can see water accumulation in your ceiling, walls or dripping onto the floor.


Signs of a Ruptured Water Line

One of the biggest problems within a plumbing system that may occur is a ruptured water line. Sometimes, it is easy to see water spewing. Other times, detecting a busted water line can be difficult. Primarily because most of your plumbing is hidden out of sight. Here are some tips for specifically detecting trouble with your water line.

  • Water puddles in the front yard – Unexplained puddles of water or soggy spots on your grass are signs that you might have a broken water pipe underground
  • High water bills – As a homeowner, you know on average what your water bill should be every month. If you notice a drastic increase, you might have a broken water line that you haven’t noticed yet
  • Low water pressure – Before a leaking water main causes a complete loss of running water, it will cause your water pressure to drop extremely low.


When you notice any of these warning signs you should:

  • Examine the plumbing in your bathroom and kitchen
  • Turn off the water to your home immediately
  • Call a professional Baltimore plumber

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