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    Your Reliable Water Removal in Baltimore

    Basement Floods in BaltimoreOne of the worst things that can occur in a house is coming home to a flooded basement. When your basement floods, your home can suffer damaged property, mold growth and many other destructive circumstances; which is why it absolutely must be addressed immediately. If you suffer from a flooded basement, don’t just call any random plumber in the phone book. Call the most reliable Baltimore Plumber, A W Smith & Son.

    At A W Smith & Son we have a team of highly trained plumbing professionals that specialize in fixing flooded basements. Our Baltimore Water Removal experts have the tools and experience necessary to remove flooding water and fix your drainage issue. We’ll stop your property from experiencing too much damage and prevent your basement from enduring this complication again. We work quickly and efficiently, because we understand that hesitation can result in further damage, and that is why we are the preferred choice in Baltimore for flooded basement repairs.


    Protect Your Property With Water Removal

    If a busted pipe, broken water heater or malfunctioning sump results in a flooded basement, A W Smith & Son is here to help. As soon as you discover the flooding, we’ll promptly arrive at your location with the proper tools to extract the water, discover the source and then fix the broken component. We can also help install or repair devices or drainage systems to prevent further flooding.

    There are many things that can go wrong that cause a basement to flood. If your sump or drainage system is not working properly, excessive precipitation can be the culprit. Water pipes and water heater tanks, both found in the basement, can also burst and cause an outpour of flooding. Each of these problems can be addressed by our technicians. We have the knowledge and equipment to solve all of those specific problems and more.

    Protect your property from mold growth, flooring damage and other property damage caused by water and call A W Smith & Son immediately if you ever discover your basement has flooded. No one will get it back to normal faster and no one else will help prevent future problems with flooding the way we will. When you entrust your basement and plumbing components with A W Smith & Son, you’re in good hands.


    Our Baltimore Water Removal Provides These Detailed Services

    • Water Extraction
    • Water Extraction Services
    • Water Removal
    • Water Restoration
    • Water Mitigation
    • Water Damage Service
    • Water Damage Repair
    • Water Damage Cleanup
    • Water Remediation
    • Removing Water
    • Water Extraction in Baltimore
    • BaltimoreWater Extraction



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